From simple breach of contract cases, through complicated construction litigation, our firm represents individuals and companies at all level Courts in both New York and New Jersey. We handle arbitrations as well as court trials–jury and non-jury.  We handle partnership disputes, shareholder litigation, insurance claims, medical claims, and all types of real estate litigation as well.
Retail, consumer and commercial collections are our specialty. We cover all of New York and New Jersey and represent individuals, leasing companies, banks, auto finance companies, medical institutions, universities, and retailers of every type. We also handle international/foreign judgments and domesticate them locally so we can proceed to execute on the judgments. We handle all phases of post-judgment collections through income executions, bank executions, supplementary proceedings, forced sale of businesses, etc.
From one bedroom coops through office buildings and strip malls, we handle buyers and sellers and lenders from contract through closing, again in New York and New Jersey. Our goal is to provide the same high quality of service to the first time home buyer as we do to the sophisticated developer.  We patiently guide you through the entire process and answer all your questions. When it comes to real estate, we want our clients to be ‘educated consumers’.
As ‘family doctors’ to small businesses, we can handle most contract needs including Operating Agreements, Shareholder Agreements, Employment Contracts, Lease Agreements, Dissolution Agreements, Buy-Out Agreements, etc. If it pertains to business, we can help.
Whether you are buying or selling a business, we can represent your interests, educate you about the process and coordinate all the aspects from financing through franchising. Our clients range from small laundromats to shopping malls. We will protect your interests and guide you throughout the process.
From ‘Simple Wills’ to all types of Trust Agreements, we can help you plan for the future.  We take the fear out of confronting the inevitable and we help structure the documents to achieve your goals.


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