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Commercial Litigation

“While we always hope for a quick resolution, our adversaries know we will take your case to trial.”

Wills & Trusts

“Let us take the fear out of planning for the future.”


“We offer big firm results with small firm service.”

Business Sales/Purchases

“Our business IS your business!”

Real Estate

“When it comes to real estate, we want our clients to be ‘educated consumers’.”

Contract Laws

“All our effort goes into protecting your interests.”
“You’ve done a wonderful job! I can’t thank you enough for not only settling this matter but also for the fair way you handled the billing. You’re the best!”
Robin K., Client
“Please accept this as a token of my gratitude for your immeasurable kindness and all that you have done for throughout the years. I appreciate you more than you can imagine.”
Lenna D., Client
“Thank you so much, Mr. Weber, for steering me in the correct direction regarding my legal problem in upstate New York.”
Cliff G., Client
“The only thing I need is for all attorneys to be like you. My life would truly be better. You are truly a professional and I thank you for all your courtesies. Thank you again for all your attention.”
Phil A., Attorney
“You have been such an incredible help to me and my family, I don’t know how to thank you. We hope you continue to be there to service all our business legal needs whenever they arise.”
Van S., Client
“Thanks again for getting us such a wonderful result in our court case. Your patience and understanding of our position and needs made a successful resolution possible. Most of all, I appreciate your educating and guiding me every step of the way.”
Corey R., Client
“Great job! Thanks for collecting our debt so quickly and professionally in New York. I will not hesitate to refer future clients to you when our firm can’t service their needs. Job well done!”
Ralph G., NJ Attorney
“Howard…you are the go-to guy in the States for our clients with legal needs in your area. Your knowledge and capability continues to impress our clients and we are all grateful.”
David A., GB Credit Agency